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Two Leaves Tea > Tea Sachets

Two Leaves Tea - 6 Boxes of 15 Tea Sachets (90 ct)

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Case of :6 Box
Ship Weight : 3 lbs.
Usually Ships: Immediately

Which flavors are
the most popular?

Organic Earl Grey Tea  36.4%
Alpine Berry  12.9%
Organic Peppermint  12.9%
Jasmine Petal  12.1%
Organic African Sunset - Red Tea  7.1%
Organic Assam, The Original Breakfast Tea  5.0%
Organic Chamomile  4.3%
Organic Tamayokucha - Extremely Green  2.9%
Two Leaves Tea: Organic Mountain High Chai - Box of 15 Sachets  2.9%
Organic Tropical Green Tea  2.1%
Organic White Peony Tea  1.4%

*Based on real sales data
in the last 2 years.

Two Leaves Tea - 6 Boxes of 15 Tea Sachets (90 ct)
Two Leaves Tea wraps two whole tea leaves and a bud with its revolutionary tea bag design. No more tea dust in the cup. All Two Leaves teas are grown using purely organic methods. Flavors include Jasmine Petal and Alpine Herbal.
Comes as a case with six boxes, each with 15 individual sachets.

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Level 2

Level 3

Sold by the CASE:   6 Box
(Case of 6 Box)

Alpine Berry Case  
Jasmine Petal Case  
Organic African Sunset - Red Tea Case  
Organic Assam, The Original Breakfast Tea Case  
Organic Better Belly Case  
Organic Chamomile Case  
Organic Darjeeling Tea Case  
Organic Earl Grey Tea Case  
Organic Orange Sencha Case  
Organic Peppermint Case  
Organic Tamayokucha - Extremely Green Case  
Organic Tropical Green Tea Case  
Organic White Peony Tea Case  
Two Leaves Tea: Organic Mountain High Chai - Box of 15 Sachets Case  

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