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Monin Fruit Puree: (Banana, Coconut, Peach, Strawberry, Mango) - 1L Plastic Bottle Case

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Case of :4 Bottles
Ship Weight : 16 lbs.
Usually Ships: Immediately

Which flavors are
the most popular?

Banana  59.6%
Strawberry  18.2%
Peach  10.1%
Coconut  6.1%
Mango  6.1%

*Based on real sales data
in the last 2 years.

Monin Fruit Puree: (Banana, Coconut, Peach, Strawberry, Mango) - 1L Plastic Bottle Case
Monin's Fruit Purees are made with pure cane sugar and from real pureed fruit.
All Monin purees are shelf stable for greater convenience.
Toppings, flavored iced teas, cocktails and more will happily welcome Monin Fruit Purees into their tasty embrace.
Comes as a case with four 1-liter bottles.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Sold by the CASE:   4 Bottles
(Case of 4 Bottles)

Banana Case  
Coconut Case  
Mango Case  
Peach Case  
Strawberry Case  

Kosher, Halal, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan friendly.

Example Recipes (See bottle labels for even more recipes and applications!):

Banana Smoothie:
  • Blend 2 oz. Monin Banana Puree with 3 oz. plain yogurt, 2 oz. low fat milk, and 2 cups ice.
  • Pour into a 16 oz glass
  • Garnish to taste and appearance.

Peach Maple Syrup:
  • Whisk together 1/2 cup Monin Peach Puree and a 1/2 cup maple syrup in a bowl.
  • An amazing topping for French Toast, Pancakes, Waffles, and more!

Flavor Profiles

It is said that bananas originated in the area of modern-day Malaysia. Throughout the centuries, they've been successively cultivated farther and farther West - in America, starting in the late 18th century.
With Monin Banana Fruit Purée, making banana drinks has never been easier. Featuring all the delicious taste and smooth texture of ripe bananas, Monin Banana Fruit Purée is a great option for adding sweet banana flavor to countless beverages.

The scientific name of the peach is Prunus Persica because the origin of the peach was thought to be Persia (today's Iran). Modern botanists have since narrowed the peaches' origin to China. There, the peach was said to be consumed by the immortals due to its mystic virtue of conferring longevity to all who ate it.
The ripe summer flavor of peach is ever-popular on menus. Peach teas, sangrias and smoothies are just some of the options offered by versatile, easy-to pour Monin Peach Fruit Purée.

Strawberries have been enjoyed for millennia, having grown wild in Italy since at least the second century B.C. Among the Romans, the strawberry was a symbol for Venus, the goddess of love, because of its heart shape and red color. In medieval times, strawberry was considered a symbol of righteousness and perfection, as such, strawberry shapes were engraved inside cathedrals.
Strawberries are very popular in desserts, ice cream, smoothies, lemonades and much more. With Monin Strawberry Fruit Purée, making perfect strawberry beverages has never been easier!

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