Cappuccine Creme Frappe Mix - 3 lb. Bulk Bag: Lemon Velvet

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  • ★ Gluten Free
  • ★ No Trans Fats
  • ★ Can be prepared hot, iced, or blended
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    Indulge in the mouthwatering flavor of Lemon Velvet Cake with our gluten-free powdered frappe mix! Just add ice and your favorite milk for a velvety-smooth and refreshing beverage that's perfect for any time of day. Savor the tangy and sweet notes of lemon with every sip, and treat yourself to a decadent, creamy, refreshing dessert. Try our Lemon Velvet frappe mix today and experience a slice of heaven in every glass! Cappuccine Lemon Velvet creme frappe mix contains no hydrogenated oils and is gluten-free. 3 pound bulk bag.

    The Original Cappuccine Frappe is the perfect solution for any busy specialty beverage environment. Extremely simple to make, Cappuccine's famous powdered frappe mix can be used to prepare frozen, over ice, or hot beverages and is unmatched for flexibility, efficiency, and taste. Cappuccine is proudly served in many of the top cafes, coffeehouses, restaurants, and hotels in the US and around the world. Besides being a great-tasting mix, Cappuccine is versatile! Use in iced drinks, blended drinks, hot drinks, frozen treats, and baked goods.

    Servings: 22
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    Makes 1 - 16oz Drink

    5 fl oz milk or water
    2 scoops of Cappuccine mix
    14oz of ice

    Combine ingredients & blend until smooth!



    Makes 1 - 16oz Drink

    4 fl oz steamed milk or hot water
    1.5 scoops of Cappuccine mix
    stir until dissolved

    Add 4 fl oz of cold milk

    Pour over ice & serve!



    Makes 1 - 16oz Drink

    14 fl oz steamed milk or hot water
    2 scoops of Cappuccine mix

    Stir until dissolved & serve!



    Substitute 1-2 fl oz of espresso for the same amount of liquid in any recipe

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