Monin Classic Syrup - 1L Plastic Bottle: Pineberry

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  • ★ Vegan
  • ★ Gluten Free
  • ★ GMO Free
  • ★ Unopened shelf life: 18 months
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    Meet the unique fruit that packs a flavorful unexpected punch, the pineberry! Cultivated in the Netherlands and Belgium in the early 21st century, old folklore says that the pineberry originated centuries ago when the white strawberry from South America (chiloensis) and the red strawberry from North America (virginiana) first crossed. Today, the real pineberry plants only grow in select regions around the world and they produce a limited quantity of fruit, making the pineberry extremely rare. These unique little fruits look like small white strawberries with bright red seeds, and they have a flavorful taste reminiscent of strawberry and pineapple. Our Pineberry Syrup delivers this truly unique and blended flavor experience, perfect for crafting one of a kind iced teas, lemonades, cocktails, mocktails and more.


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    See Packaging
    Item Code: 6MON1LPineberry
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