Righteous Felon O.G. Hickory Beef Sticks (24 pk)


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New and improved look and recipe - reimagined with whole ingredients.

Our classic smoky & savory 100% beef Hickory meat stick with hints of garlic, onion, cracked pepper, with a garnish of sea salt - and that crisp snap that takes you back to your favorite childhood meat snack. Slim better watch his back, our new beef jerky snack stick is the original gangster that runs this block.

- Savory & Smoky Beef Stick
- 100% Beef
- No Antibiotics or Added Hormones
- No Added Nitrates or Nitrites
- Gluten Free / Soy Free
- Paleo Friendly

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See Packaging
Item Code: 7RFOGStick
Weight: 1.0 lb