Steep Café Tea by Bigelow - Individually Wrapped Tea Bag: Hot Cinnamon

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  • ★ compostable pyramid shaped tea bag
  • ★ non-gmo
  • ★ ethical tea partnership
  • ★ kosher
  • ★ gluten free
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    Tea grown at high elevations produces the more tender leaf, which makes for the most flavorful teas. This exquisite blend of the highest quality black tea is infused with the warm, spicy heat of cinnamon. This brews' golden amber color, robust aroma, and bold taste is a combination that will satisfy all your senses.

    Like a fine wine, each cup of Steep Cafe brings an exquisitely delicate and flavorful tea to the table - creating a delightfully satisfying and lasting impression. No expense was spared in bringing to the public the best of the best. With over 150 years of tea blending experience their blenders have traveled extensively throughout the tea growing regions of the world to create the ideal blends for Steep Cafe.

    Steep Cafe by Bigelow uses mesh pyramid bags made of translucent Soylon material, derived from corn starch. The pyramid shape provides greater space for each leaf to expand, releasing its superior characteristics and unique flavor nuances in the manner of loose leaf tea. Tea bags are individually wrapped to maintain freshness.

    Each box contains 50 individually wrapped bags of Steep Cafe Hot Cinnamon Black Tea by Bigelow.

    30-60mg caffeine

    We use a special foil pouch to protect your tea from any air, moisture and surrounding aromas. So open and enjoy the unparalleled flavor, freshness, and aroma of Bigelow Tea everywhere you go!

    Serving size: 240ml

    Amount per serving

    Calories 0Calories from Fat 0

    % Daily Value*

    Total Fat 0g0%

    Saturated Fat 0g0%

    Cholesterol 0mg0%

    Sodium 0mg0%

    Total Carbohydrates 0g0%

    Dietary Fiber 0g0%

    Sugars 0g

    Protein 0g

    Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 0%

    Calcium % 0 Iron 0%

    Other Amounts
    Potassium: 25mg

    Caffeine Content

    *Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

    INGREDIENTS: black tea, cinnamon, natural cinnamon flavors with other natural flavors, licorice root
    Nutritional facts, ingredients, & allergen information are provided for convenience only. They may contain inaccuracies or omissions and they may not be up-to-date.


    1. Be sure to start with fresh cold water and bring to a rolling boil.

    2 .Pour over tea bag, steep for 2 to 4 minutes, remove bag.

    For Iced Tea by the Glass:

    Steep a little longer. Pour over ice.

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