Whip-it! Soda Siphon (Screw Valve) - 1L Metal (Silver)


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People have enjoyed sparkling drinks created with Soda Siphons since the early 1890's. Although the design of the bottles have changed since then, one thing has remained the same, the fun, ease and elegance of a drink made with a Soda Siphon. Discover the refresing fizz of purest soda water, and prepare a variety of tasty drinks at your next cocktail party.

  • 1 Liter (2 Pints)
  • 1yr Manufacturer Guarantee

    How To Use:
    1. Be sure the measuring tube is inserted in the bottle!
    2. Fill the bottle with 1 Liter of very cold water
    3. Re-insert the long siphon tube with washer
    4. Screw on the top of the unit
    5. Place the Co2 charger in the holder and screw it in. You will hear a hissing sound. Use only 1 charger.
    6. The dispenser is now fully charged. Shake well!
    7. When dispensing, depress lever gently and direct the water towards the side of the glass.

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    Item Code: 422
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